Client Boss Hair extensions care instructions

Everyone who buys hair extensions would want to get the most out of their virgin hair extensions and with proper installation, care and maintenance your hair extensions will last for a full year or longer while maintaining its original pattern and style.

We have put together some basic steps anyone can follow to ensure they get the best out of their hair extensions and extend the lifespan of their hair.


  • Do not cut the tops of double wefts- double wefts are delicate and if they are cut during installation, it could lead to your hair shedding and losing its volume.
  • When sewing in hair wefts, it is important to take caution when sewing through the wefts, if you place a needle directly through the top of the weft it could damage your hair weft and can lead to your hair shedding.

Routine Maintenance

  • To ensure your hair remains clean and odorless shampoo your hair once every week using a mild shampoo and conditioner with a PH7 balance.
  • When shampooing your hair, do not massage shampoo into your hair, instead using gentle sweeping motions to run your fingers through the wefts in a horizontal motion to ensure you clean your scalp properly.
  • After shampooing rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water and make sure there is no residue of shampoo left in your hair.
  • Apply a good conditioner using your finger to work the conditioner into your hair and comb out your hair with a wide tooth comb. When combing your hair, ensure you start from the ends to get rid of any snags or tangles and gently work your way to the top of your scalp.
  • Avoid combing your hair when it is wet. This will lead to your hair tangling and shedding and it will destroy your hair’s natural curl pattern.
  • Do not squeeze your hair when drying it or use a towel to ruffle your hair. Leave your hair out to air dry and avoid using heat on your hair to prevent hair damage.
  • Do not sleep on wet hair, this will Matt, tangle and damage your hair. When your hair is completely dry, wrap it in a silk scarf or cap and sleep on a satin pillowcase.
  • Do not use oily and excessively greasy hair products on your hair.

Helpful tips

  • One of the things we love about virgin hair extensions is that they are extremely versatile and can be played up as you would with your own hair. You can dye your hair extensions to whatever color or shade you please and even perm it. However, we do not advise that you do this on your own as you may not have the expertise to pull it off without damaging your hair. Contact a professional hair stylist and colorist if you are interested in coloring, cutting or perming your hair.
  • You can use heat styling methods to switch up the style of your hair by curling it with a curling iron, blow drying, or flat ironing your hair extensions. However, we advise that you only do this occasionally. We can not guarantee your hair will remain silky and smooth if you continually use heat to style your hair every day.


Following these simple steps we have outlined above will help you maintain your hair’s vitality and shine. If you take good care of your hair and employ the tips we have put together, your hair extensions will you last a considerable amount of time while remaining beautiful and retaining its volume and length.